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you next fox news sunday. >> tonight, major national security breaking news in just seconds from now. and also developing, late word of a possible change in leadership at bp. as cleanup crews get back to business in the gulf of mexico. plus, mixed messages on the state of america's economy. i'm julie banderas and this is the fox report. >> the united states and south korea going ahead with war games. despite angry protests from the north, a look at the operation from the deck of the u.s.s. george washington and the threat of allout war from the other side.
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>> day 97 of the gulf oil disaster. and bp crews back at work, trying to plug the leak for good. how soon will those crucial release walls be finished? also tonight, 100 days and counting, until the mid term elections. so, how will democrats and republicans fare come november? november? >> plus, from bears attacking the family mini-van to strange animal sightings. we'll tell you what's behind the sudden spike in human animal close encounters of the wrong kind. but first we begin with breaking news tonight, the national security advisor tonight condemning the reported release of thousands of pages of u.s. internal security documents. reports out tonight that the whistleblower website, weeky
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leaks is making public thousands of pages of internal u.s. security reports on the war in afghanistan. weeky leaks is not an objective news outlet, but rather an organization that opposes u.s. policy in afghanistan. national security advisor james jones tonight saying and i'm quoting, the united states strongly condemns the exposure which could put the lives of americans and our partners at risk and threaten our national security. these internal documents reportedly disclose among other things, unreported killings of afghan civilians and that pakistan's military spy service has secretly helped terrorists in afghanistan and analysts say the news about the pakistan security service is not that surprising. it's from a time period prior to the shift in strategy by president obama. we'll have much more on this story as soon as we get it.
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>> turning now to the national disaster in the gulf. it is day 97 and there is word tonight, b p's embattled ceo tony hayward will soon be out of a job. a government official confirming to fox news today, bp is changing leadership come tomorrow, up until late last month though, hayward had been the very public face of the company throughout this oil disaster and he received plenty of criticism for handling of it, including his decision to attend a yacht race in england while oil continued to gush into the gulf. you'll remember hayward sparked outrage after making this comment during an interview along the gulf coast. >> and nobody wants this thing over more than i do. i'd like my life back. >> he said i want my life back. welcome, he may soon get his wish. and reports say the man who will replace hayward as the head of b p's response operation, bob dudley may take his place, but there's been no
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official word as of yet as crews are getting back to work in the gulf and temporarily suspended efforts in anticipating of tropical storm bonnie. jonathan serry is live in louisiana. let's begin with the hayward situation, what do we know about bob dudley. >> bob dudley is currently b p's managing director and serves on b p's board unlike hayward he's an american, in fact, raised in mississippi and that may help bp diffuse some of the criticism that hayward faced as far as being out of touch with the problems that residents of the gulf faced in the wake of this massive oil spill disaster. >> what effect did tropical storm bonnie have on the oil spill? >> although this is a relatively weak tropical system, it did push small amounts of oil to the shore, the wave action, and vessels of opportunity like the one here, designated by the flag up there were kept in safe
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harbor and couldn't respond and however, there's a flip side to the wave action and officials believe it may have broke up the denser patches of oil and making it more weathered and susceptible to the micro-organisms that feed on oil. in other words, more biodegradable. thank you, jonathan. to the economy now, it's shaping up to be the defining issue come the november mid term elections. and earlier today, treasury secretary timothy geithner made his case for why he thinks letting the bush era tax cuts expire will not hurt the recovery. the cuts only affect the wealthiest americans i should add and geithner saying, he quote, absolutely thinks congress will take on the controversial issue before the election, and even though taxes are always a touchy issue, especially for the folks in close races. >> what the president's proposing to do is to leave in place, to extend, tax cuts to go to more than 95% of working
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americans and to leave in place tax cuts that are very important to innocent businesses to hire new employees and to invest, just letting those tax cuts that only go to 2 to 3% of americans, i do not believe we have a negative effect on growth. >> republican indiana congressman mike pence promising the g.o.p. will fight to maintain the cuts with quote, everything we've got and if the cuts were to expire, they would lead to the largest tax increase in u.s. history. julie kirtz with the news live in washington tonight. >> hi, julie. >> hi, julie, treasury secretary geithner hit the sunday talk shows with a clear message, tax breaks for the wealthy passed under president bush should be allowed to expire the end of this year on schedule because of the need to reduce the deficit. >> we hope it's responsible to let the tax cuts expire, to just go to 2 to 3% of americans, the highest
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earnings americans. the country can with stands that and i think it's good policy. >> even some democrats in washington now say this is not a good time to raise taxes, not with the economy struggling and republicans here argue the the tax cuts on top earners should remain because they help small business owners create jobs. >> i would simply say no tax increase next year. keep current law as it is and extend no tax-- have no tax increase next year. >> president obama and democratic lawmakers want to extend those tax cuts that benefit families, making less than $250,000 a year, positions, secretary geithner defends as prudent and the cuts passed in 2001 and 2003 are among the largest federal tax reductions since the end of world war ii. a battle over which tax cuts say or go, kicks into high gear, julie in september when the senate finance committee seeks to deal with the current bush tax breaks. >> julie kirtz from
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washington. thank you. >> the u.s. ap south korea launching military exercises today despite the threat of nuclear retaliation from the north. defense secretary robert gates says, this drill is just the first in a series that send a clear message to kim jong-il's regime to stop his aggressive behavior. it comes after a multinational investigation found north korea torpedoed one of the ships. they're monitoring the north's military moves all along the border and has not reported any unusual activities yet. much more on this developing story later in the hour. including a report from the deck of the u.s. warship posted off the coast and a military strike on iran is becoming more likely because leaders apparently keep moving forward on the nuclear program no matter what the u.s. does diplomatically according to michael haden, the former cia director under president bush. iran claims it's using nukes
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to generate electricity and on the state of the state, how far he expects iran to push the situation. >> iran if left to its devices will go to the nuclear weapons, the needle isn't quite in the red for the international community and that's as destabilizing as actually having a weapon. >> the u.s. maintains military action in iran is still an option. . >> well, fox news is america's election headquarters and today marks 100 days until the mid term elections, up for grabs, the entire house and more than one third of the senate which means some of the races are going to get heated. malini wilkes with the news from washington. >> 100 days out and the consensus among political pundits is that republicans have the best chance for gaining a majority in the house. the g.o.p. would need to pick
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up 39 more seats, but democrats clearly face a aents incumbent sentiment. some could get a boost from campaigning with president obama, but others find they may have to defend themselves for supporting the policy. >> especially those who now have to justify the votes that they cast. whether or not the legislation bans, they still cast a vote for cap and trade, and health care and stimulus bill and they have a record they have to defend. >> as reagan didn't go to straight he was not week. it's not like back then reagan was a nonfactor, they have to pick and choose, raising money in the cities and states. >> democrats have a better chance of hanging on to a majority in the senate. 37 contests this year, with 19 democrats and 18 republicans defending their seats and different analysts putting the number of toss up races between nine and 12. among governors there are
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currently 26 democrats and 23 republicans and one independent. and 37 states elect governors this fall between 11 and 18 races viewed as tossups. political analysts from both sides agree it's now republicans who seem to want change and maybe more motivated to show up at the polls. and julie? >> malini wilkes, thank you. learn more about the races in your area and complete coverage on your website, go to and you'll find the 100 days to decide link and click on it. that's a failed dam causing millions worth of damage and sending hundreds fleeing, sending waste from toilets directly into a river and prompting community leaders to ask are folks to use as little water from their faucets as possible. we've got brand new details from this growing disaster. plus, the u.s. and south korea kicking off war games, the likes of which we haven't seen in years, as fox news is on the super carrier.
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>> rising flood waters in iowa creating a 30 foot hole in a dam. dozens of homes and businesses are damaged because this have thing. look at the water. residents costed millions of dollars of flood damage to the area sewer system and forcing people living downstream to evacuate their homes and water is receding after rising more than ten feet above flood stage. turning to afghanistan. two u.s. navy service members are missing in the eastern part of the country and a massive ground and air search is going on right now. check points inspecting cars and trucks and so far no clues. service members reportedly
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left their base on friday and never returned. the taliban claimed one of the navy personnel was killed in a shootout and the other is still alive. being held by insurgents. connor powell has more from afghanistan. >> julie, the u.s. military launched a full scale search and operation. finding the missing members. searching by air with helicopters and planes and on the ground, the military set up police check points to search vehicles coming and going out of the area and now according to the u.s. military officials they say the two missing members. navy disappeared sometime mid afternoon on friday and last seen leaving a base in kabul. in an armored vehicle. now, later, the afghan government in logar province reported an armored vehicle attacked by taliban insurgents and the afghan government south of kabul say they've been contacted by insurgents in that area, offering to make some type of exchange, saying they do in fact have these two
7:17 pm
u.s. sailors. the u.s. military though is not officially commented or confirmed, that the taliban has the two missing sailors. now,s there another missing soldier here in afghanistan, that went missing last june and now there are three known service members that appear to be missing here in afghanistan and the u.s. military says they're doing everything they can to find all three of them. julie. >> julie: connor powell, thank you very much. brand new video into fox of a horrific fire that caught on tape and the news is next. plus, lindsay lohan i know you're probably tired of hearing about her, behind bars and her lawyer, is lilo getting special treatment? or lilo i'm sorry i've been in maternity leave.
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>> folks who fly a lot are probably familiar with the term act of god, things like thunderstorms, earthquakes, and volcanic ash. and so if they lead to a canceled flight, airlines are not obligated to give you refunds or provide hotel rooms, now, southwest airlines is krug that up. adding mechanical difficulties
7:22 pm
to the list, something many mechanics say are in the control. and the company says to reduce the airline's liability and not clear if other airlines are making moves to follow suit. >> long lines and a long wait for movie previews. apparently too much to handle for one man at comic con in san diego, accused of stabbing another fan with a pen in the eye. he was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, during the "star wars" panel, i understand. the victim went to the hospital with a scratch near his eyelid. police are not releasing the identity of the other man. >> well, los angeles has a brand new 74 million dollar jail, but right now, it's setting empty. l.a. desperately needs a new facility though, the second largest city has been forced to let some of the prisoners go free due to overcrowding in prisons and the new jail has everything from the latest
7:23 pm
automatic fingerprinting to technology. and what it doesn't have is guards. and that's the problem. joining us live now, casey, why can't they open the jail in you guys can't change these things on maternity leave and not give me a heads up. there you are, hi, casey. >> hey, julie, good to see you, why they can't staff it, it boils down to a lack of money. the new jail back here in downtown los angeles by the way is what we're talking about. the funding was set aside for this back in 2002, way before the recession, when voters approved a bond package, allocating more than 70 million dollars to build a bigger, better jail. bigger being the operative word. now, the project took several years to complete, but it was just recently finished, there's just one catch though, in order to open the 172,000 square foot facility. roughly 100 people need to be hired to staff it, but as we know by now, l.a. in the midst of budget cuts and a hiring freeze, as it tries to shore
7:24 pm
up a 300 million dollar budget shortfall. so, the jail sits empty. plastic still on the furniture, and all. >> what we need to do is figure a way how we're going to fund the positions so they can open up the jail. it should have been already open, but it's not. >>, but this is about more than just having the latest and the greatest. the old jail, which is right next to the new one, by the way, was built in the 50's. it is extremely small, has no air conditioning, and is literally spilling over. it was originally designed to only hold about 150 beds, compared to more than 500 in the new open space. >> safety in our primary issue and safety not only for our personnel, but also for the arrestee because we're responsible for them ab this facility will allow them to to that aspects of our job much better. , so for now it's pretty much
7:25 pm
a waiting game as l.a.p.d. desperately waits for the green light to start transferring prisoners over and more importantly, start putting those hard earned tax dollars to work since they've already been spent. >> julie? >> all right, casey stegall, thank you very, very much. well, kim jong-il threatening to unleash his nuclear weapons as u.s. and south korean military exercises get underway. we have the latest from one of the ships taking part in the war games and angelina jolie's latest film "salt" is an action packed spy thriller, but may leave you wondering how realistic is it? we are going to break it down for you next.
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>> bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. the united states and key allies, south korea starting the largest series of war exercises in a year today. as the south secretive and impoverished neighbor threatens nuclear war. latest move since investigators determined north korea torpedoed a ship, north korea calls the investigation a fake. today's drills more than 20 ships and 200 aircraft including fighter jets and 8,000 americans and south korean troops, although keep in mind the u.s. already has
7:30 pm
more than three times that amount in the area. greg palkot, and a super carrier, and taking part in the exercises. >> we're in day one of operation invincible spirit and the naval exercises are big and in part pa response to the suspected sinking by north korea of a south korean war ship last march and the large scale maneuvers involved the 20 ships, 200 aircraft. 8,000 military personnel and over the next four days over the sea of japan and-- >> end up like that. >> a major-- they are all offense. they're fighter planes with a range of weaponry able to hit all sorts of targets. and off of the u.s.s. george washington and off the korean peninsula and it will go one
7:31 pm
after another and wave after wave noon and into the night and all part of an exercise, we're sending a message, south korea solidarity. a message to pyongyang of defiance and north korea branded the exercises as reckless and hostile. and it's going forward, the u.s. military officials say they haven't noticed anything unusual, and going to north korea, and they can handle it, and on the u.s.s. george washington, greg palkot, fox news. >> to south america, the president hugo chavez is lashing out at the u.s. and vowed to cut off the supplies to the u.s. if attacked by the neighboring country, colombia. an ally of the u.s. the move might not be
7:32 pm
pain-free 6789. u.s. is the biggest customer of oil from venezuela. coming up with the outgoing colombian government showed what it says are rebel camps operateening venezuela. a group of leaders reappears and a major archeological discovery as we go around the world in 80 seconds. iran, four people killed in an explosion, and the world's largest oil spill on the island in the gulf. and the central boiler reportedly leading to the explosion and producing more than 4 million barrels a day. mexico, 51 bodies found after two days of digging in a field near the northern city of monteray. officials say it's one of the largest secret body dumping grounds in the ongoing drug war. investigators still trying to identify all the victims suspects the deaths were caused by drug traffickers.
7:33 pm
cuba. fidel castro making his first reported appearance outside of havana after a health crisis forced him from power in 2006. the 83-year-old was seen at a ceremony, fallen revolutionary fighters 40 miles outside the capital. and coasta rica, builders looking to bit up a building in ryeos found an old burial site. more than 900 years old and the property owner is giving the national museum complete access to work on the site and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> the ka program is a mishap. >> that's a clip from "salt"
7:34 pm
the latest action flick hitting theaters this weekends and you see angelina jolie taking on the female role of james bond. she plays evelyn salt, a cia agent accused of being a russian spy and has to go on the run to prove her innocence. the film makers say they went the extra mile to make the action scenes and special effects look like facts not fiction. just how close though does the spy thriller come to reality? courtney freel takes a closer look. >> i'm innocent, somebody is setting me up. let me find my husband. >> in angelina's jolie's latest political thriller she flexes her muscles as a cia agent accused of being a spy. my name is evelyn salt. >> you are a russian spy. >> you can see the-- some trade craft, real trade craft and see how the-- lack of knowledge or incomplete knowledge or deception impacts intelligence
7:35 pm
operations, but there's also the element of hollywood that makes things blow up and thrilling that is truly-- that's not representative of operations in the world of espionage. >> we still have he is knee nationaling and still need espionage as parts of the processes and they are elected officials about does it affect the future prosperity of the country and ongoing business and this is a pretty dramatic reminder of that. >> angelina wasn't surprised to hear this stuff still goes on and experts say it's never stopped. >> it's happened in the past. so, what is it today? and i think that it's very possible. >> the war of spies and the espionage, is on and on and this is just that the spies that go very far. and you know, just intelligence collection. well, it's a fantasy of
7:36 pm
course, it's a production, but i think it's just in time to remind people about the individuals. >> everybody is always worried about the secrets and there's a reason we're worried about the secrets and always will be. >> do you have any idea how much blood is it on your hands? >> we have people who are not happy we're a super power, whether they're in the middle east or actors and to infiltrate our government and private sector, even, to steal secrets. >> get a glimpse of the secret world as angelina jolie pulls back the curtain in salt. >> the call of the wild in the inturp suburbs, what if you saw this bear in the woods. >> it used to take a trip to the zoo, no more, these days they're in your back yard. up next, close encounters for creatures great and small. a chicken coop may be his castle. motivated for chickens living in style and moving up from
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>> deadly fire in connecticut killing two firefighters, flames ripping through a home in bridgeport. brand new video coming into the news room, showing what the firefighters were up against. wow, the firefighters were on a search and rescue mission in the burning house. racing to the third floor to look for anyone who may have been trapped inside. temperatures soaring into the mid 90's, causing heat exhaustion and several other members of the fire crew. the deaths were the first for the bridgeport fire department since 1999. no word on what started the fire. >> out of new jersey.
7:41 pm
the where the black bear population is growing so fast the state approved the first bear hunt in five years, wild life officials are issuing 10,000 permits for the hunt this december and complaints against residents are surging as bears rummage to find food and garbage cans, maybe all they need is trampolines and that will wipe them out. it ain't just bears here, folks, all right, seriously, oh, that's just-- i would think after four months of maternity leave that would be over. and it's not just bears, it's certainly not just new jersey either. people across the country are finding themselves too close for comfort with all sorts of wild life. peter duessy is here, peter, i apologize all the joking around before the-- >> and the growling. that was you. >> i like to growl every once in a while. rrr!
7:42 pm
anyway. >> the animals may be getting too close for our comfort. the reason they're nearer and nearer is sometimes attacking, they have no reason to fear us. they've lived among us for a long time now, long enough to know that the only thing preventing them from feasting on a residential neighborhood trash buffet is someone banging pots and pans together. the human and wild animals let people get close to them before fleeing for safety. >> in general, being around humans has always been a threat to wild animals because we're in sort of the ultimate predator. but when we're no longer providing that threat because we're not hunting them and we're not challenging their presence, then, it becomes easier for them to approach us and the more they approach us and get a reward, like a tasty meal, the more likely they are to approach us. >> and i've seen firsthand how likely they are to approach us, the day before easter, i
7:43 pm
snapped this photo of a large black bear across the street from my house in new jersey, just 20 miles from manhattan, into the first six months of this year. were 76 aggressive bear incidents in the garden state and instances of bears threatening people or property there, increased 96% from 2006 through 2009. i didn't know that, i walked up close, that guy did not flinch and two months ago two young girls were attacked by a coyote outside of new york city. the coyotes are attracted to small animals like rabbits and when they go for the kill, nearby pets and children can be at risk. it's a double edged sword, the attacks and diseases they spread, on the other hand if you stay back and mind their business, they can be nice to look at. >> when you get close to the bear, you're big and scary is. >> i'm already big and scary. >> julie: you get big and scary. >> and loud as loud as you
7:44 pm
can. >> julie: is that a scary looking guy to you? no, i don't think so. all right, love ya, see you later, peter. thousands attack each other with water balloons and a popular rap entertainer is offering football freebies as we across america. a car smashes into a supermarket in cape cod. the elderly driver wasn't hurt, but a customer and the cashier did suffer some injuries. not believed to be life threatening. investigators still trying to figure out exactly what happened. police are closing down the store until repairs are made. >> illinois, go, go, go, go. >> rapper snoop dogg bringing football action to chicago to help keep kids off the street and he's hosting a free clinic on the city's south side and the entertainer started up a snoop football league in california and now he's bringing the league to the windy city. >> bringing football so they
7:45 pm
can take at that their energy and attitude and putting it in the right sorts of environment. >> utah. >> it's the attack of the water balloons. and a new world record. the huge balloon brawl going town in brigham young university in provo, close to 4,000 students getting in on the action and throwing more than 120,000 water balloons, they broke a world record for biggest fight ever. the former holder was the university of kentucky beaten by more than 1,000 balloons. students were up all night preparing a fight that lasted just six minutes. washington state, street of dreams move over. in the town of emirates, the new hottest houses are for chickens, seriously, and there's even a tour and we're talking the pretty fancy chicken coop here with all kinds of cool extras. >> this is the video baby
7:46 pm
monitor that has night vision so we can watch the girls. >> and call it a fact, but apparently right now, there's a real push for green friendly urban farming. at the top of the list is raising your own chickens. and that's a fox watch across america. >> well, as a new mom, i can at least say that one of the most thrilling moments during my pregnancy was the first ultrasound, i remember it, i cried as soon as i felt the first heartbeat. there's a new warning about the procedure everyone needs to hear, plus, lindsay lohan has been behind bars for five days now. so, how the poor little rich girl is surviving life in the big house. ♪ ♪
7:47 pm
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>> ready for your lindsay lohan alert? why don't we have an alert for her instead of a bear? lindsay lohan's lawyer stopping to answer a few questions at a los angeles area jail. >> any concerns that you have? >> no, no concerns for her safety. >> thank you. >> is she back here tomorrow? >> yeah. >> same time? >> probably. >> is she getting any special treatment? >> nope, none, none. >> lohan serving time after breaking the rules of her probation, probation she, i guess, got after pleading guilty to drunk driving and drug testing and so forth
7:51 pm
before the lip injections she had there in her mug shot. some medical experts telling expectant moms to think again before trying to record the ultrasounds. patients are recording the ultrasounds using the mobile phone cameras or video cameras, but society college of raid ographers say this could distract technicians. a cancer cluster, some living near area b worry about a high number of cancer cases. kelly wright has more on the story. >> i lost my daughter. she died in my arms. and it angered me, i want to know why a 27-year-old girl was dying, why is it? >> well-known pastor randy white lost his daughter kristin renee to brain cancer and now her mother has been given months to live due to
7:52 pm
terminal cancer. reverend white is now on a different crusade. he's on a mission to help more than 400 people living with some form of cancer in the vicinity of detrick, maryland. white says in the years past, area b was used as a biological and chemical testing area. he claims over the years, contaminants from the site have been causing a cancer cluster. >> i'm saying 100% that's causing the cancer, yes. yes, we've hired experts, we've got scientists, we have scientific proof. we have over 430 people in this area that now have cancer. >> at a recent town hall meeting organized by white, a couple hundred people shared their stories of having cancer or knowing sun with the disease who lived near area b. we shrifted the area and family after family told fox news they suspect their various cancers are coming from area b at fort dedric.
7:53 pm
>> do you have cancers in your family? >> yes we've had 12 of our immediate family that has died with a rare leukemia. >> the brothers and their children and then the grandchildren have all died with this very rare erythro leukemia which could possibly be environmental. >> cancer is the main cause of death in 87-year-old grace cole's family, recently claimed the life of a son and now is a threat to her other children. she recalls when they began operations on her daddy's farm land and said her dad's cows began to die and claims whatever it was dumped into the ground there or emitted into the air has been deadly for her family. >> that's the only one, brother had a heart attack and the others had cancer.
7:54 pm
i don't know if i do or not because i don't go to the doctor. >> we have neighbors and friends that share the same grief. and i would like to get to the bottom of it. >> in the meantime, the epa has placed area b on the priority super fund list for cleanup. kelly wright, fox news. >> well, it is the sexiest spy case since james bond. this one is for real. ten russians kicked out of the country, not for spying, but this got extra attention, anna chapman and not just for selling out the united states. what one company is doing to capitalize on her popularity coming up next. ♪ ♪ though not surgical results, regenerist is the #1 serum, night cream, and moisturizer. not drastic. just fantastic. get younger-looking skin with regenerist. ♪
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7:58 pm
the winner is roberto, so this is the guy that apparently is the next cycling superstar. he asked for a cold beer when he crossed the finish line. >> welcome back, julie. >> thank you. >> and el pistolero. third win in four years and the big story was lance armstrong, the final race and armstrong before the race, there was a delay, about 15 minutes because he tried to wear number 28 jersey and the 28 signified 28 million in cancer today. >> julie: he wasn't allowed to. >> he wasn't allowed. >> julie: and he he probably knew that. he was doing it for a purpose. it's a good cause. all right, to football now and we are going to talk about the cowboys, i guess they're excited about the first round draft pick, i'm not going to pretend to know what you're talking about. >> a lot of americans are familiar with miles austin,
7:59 pm
dating kim kardashian. >> julie: i met miles, i spent my 4th of july with him. great guy. >> bryant was a rookie on the field the first time, a lot of excitement about the cowboys and super bowl is in dallas on fox this year. >> julie: peter, thank you, very very much, we appreciate it. one of the ten russian spies banned from the u.s. has returned short of. this is file video of anna chapman, no, she's not back in new york city, but her likeness is in a little two-foot doll. the doll making company hero builder is debuting two new dolls based on chapman, it's selling for about 30 bucks, she's no hero. and on this day in 1978 until now medical science limited options for couples that couldn't conceive. the miracle was born, the first test tube baby through in vitro fertization delivered in a hospita

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